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Kansh is interested in modes of expression that liberates rather than dictate.

They want to explore movement and performance making, marrying the two in abstract wave forms and concepts. 

Most of their works, in any medium has always been critical of the forms and systems we are brought into and are trying to escape.

They live through alternate realities, and intend to create spaces that imitates trance-like states.

I Have Come To Take What Is Mine

Catalyst - P7:1SMA Studio Showcase by Associate Artists.

“I Have Come To Take What Is Mine” is piece exploring systems of oppression and the fight to gaining autonomy. It delves into the intersections of personal pain and tainted innocence with the constant struggle against capitalism. The performance art piece expresses the desire to take back what is taken from us and find liberation. 

Kansh will be live painting during the performance through movement as a form of expression and catharsis. The painted piece will be part of ongoing series that will be exhibited at some point.


Supported by Refraction Festival.
Movement during Rudi Osman and BabenShins' set.


A site specific performance at the outdoor rooftop space of Design Orchard for two Saturdays at The Non Season.
This time, XUE is joined by Joshua Tirados Suarez, Kansh, Noah and Sonia Kwek in an improvisation to the guttural sounds of Rudi Osman. Accompanying Rudi is guitarist Darell Laser on 26 Feb and revelatory techno duo Nigel Lopez and Jonathan Chua of Dodgy South on 12 March.

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